puravidaapps package manager extension

No, for both…

Then how this worked

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But it shouldn’t …

In this image, you were supposed to see the icon.

So it needs permission for showing the apps icon.

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No, only with the Pro version.

To finally clarify that:

  1. I used the original aia from Taifun and used it to create the APK.
  2. If you install this APK on a device with API > 22, the folder /Pictures/Packages is NOT created, regardless of whether you grant or deny permission.
  3. When you install the APK on a device with API < 23, the folder is created (because permissions are granted at install-time) and even the icons are displayed.


  1. The app does NOT automatically request WRITE permission, only READ.
  2. The APK (non-pro version) will work regardless of this. if you deny permission or, as I have shown with my packagemanager2.apk, if the permissions have been removed from the manifest.
  3. The default folder /Pictures/Packages is only created if WRITE permission is requested manually and then granted.
  4. And again: This folder is not required for the non-pro version to work.

Yees :upside_down_face:

Are you unable to come to the conclusion that

  • extension is made 3 years ago
  • builders might handle permissions differently since then
  • Taifun should also update the tutorial where stated, that you have to ask for permission

On MIT AI2 neither read or write is asked

For clarification, look at Taifun’s page to see what is the differences between them

  • list without icon
  • list with icon (this was not possible at that time Aug 24th, 2017)
  • chosen app should show icon in both cases

So ask for permission…

This is not a conclusion, but a simple fact (which is also not relevant here).

No, he should note that for the Pro version, WRITE permission should be requested manually.
But he should remove this from the non-pro version, as the icons are not displayed reliably (see below). The non-pro version works, as has been said often enough, even without permissions (but of course without icon).

That’s not true. If an app is selected from the packageList, READ permission is requested.

No, not (reliably) e.g. on a Galaxy Note8 (Android 9) (only a few):


grafik grafik

Since I know you have a Galaxy Note8 too, check this …

There is no point in continuing with this as you don’t seem to understand that write permission is required in both cases.

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For a very simple reason, because it’s just not true.

If developer says it is needed, why nagging about not needed…

As I’ve said several times, I avoid permission whenever I can. So here too.

I think most developers feel this way because they know from their users that they don’t like permissions at all.

Note: The permissions “problem” might be eliminated by setting the ASD (app-specific directory) as the DefaultDirectory. With that no permissions should ne necessary.

if you don’t need the icons, then you can remove the permission manually from the manifest

there is only one package manager extension, which provides the data including the icons, however without WRITE permissions the necessary directory can’t be created and the icons can’t be stored…

there is a basic test project and a pro test project. The pro test project additionally displays the icons

hope that helps…

I will put this onto my to do list…


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Nope, we have one more

I was talking about my extension and I only offer one packagemanager extension…

I found a bug in the packagemanager extension and fixed it meanwhile… the icon was not extracted for all packages…
also I moved the default directory to a subdirectory of the ASD, which now is /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/<packageName>/files/Packages .
Now no permissions are required anymore.

@new_code Please download the latest version 2 and try again