Push notification problems

Hello, there are so many topics and I have tried almost everything I can find, so please do not suggest me to search. Does anyone know a working way to send onesignal notifications or push notifications through the app? My application will have no meaning without notifications and I could not create a structure that receives notifications neither in App Inventor nor in the codes. I tried 7 8 plugins, I tried with the PHP supported API service, but I still could not send notifications;(

Use a paid extension
As you know how to search, you know where to find it


You can also use FCM:

Should a person always be rude? Anyway, I wish I had never experienced you.
Free ?

Remember, you already tried almost everything, so you already tried free solutions and you already found out, that there is no workimg free solution available


You tried this?

Since you are a premium user so aix size shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Thank you very much for your help, it is an issue that I have seen, but I have received errors in the application, I will focus on it again. The US dollar is really expensive in my country and that’s why I want to try every way+1 before buying the plugin, this will include trying to compile PHP from my own host :slight_smile: