Push Notification When Order Completed

I came across a local app on playstore that was able to send personal push notification when my clothes was ready for pickup from the drycleaner. I was so thrilled by it(I’m weird… I know… Lol)…

I got to thinking would this be possible for an app built with kodular, i.e notify only one client whose order has been completed via push notification?

Yes it is possible.
In the push notifications component there is a block name to get player ID. You need to save that to a database when your client logins.
Now to send Notification you can check the player ID from Firebase and use it to send Notification to particular device. (It is available in onesignal create notification site)

Wow thanks. I didn’t think it was possible. But one signal setup is for all devices yes? How would I set it up on the site because I can’t find indivdual options there…screenshots would greatly help
Thanks in advance

Actually I also can’t suggest a direct method to that.
But there is a indirect method and that is easy to do.
You need to create a admin app using Kodular.
Now you can get all the users list in that easily using the Get Tag List block of Firebase.
Set the result in a list view. When list element is selected you get the tag value of the user which returns the Player ID to you. Now their is an extension available called OnesignalSend.

In that Extension there is a method to send to particular device.
Using this you even don’t have to go to Firebase and onesignal website again and again.
Please mark it as solution if you get your answer.
I will give you blocks images of both apps if you need.

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Blocks of both apps:-


Wow dude, you’re too awesome!! :scream::hugs:

I’ll get to building the app soon, will mark as solution then if it works of me.

Thanks a billion!! :hugs::hugs:

OK so I finally stole time to build a test app and it works!!!:sob::grin:
This method is surprisingly easy too. Thanks a billion man:hugs:.

Hope this helps someone out there too.

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