Push notification working?

is the push notifications working again ??


You need to download a free extension “onesignl fix” and then it will be working fine

where is it free? requires 18 dollars (first you need to download the application from the play store)

from do i download it , please ?

what about doing a search in the community?



We are requesting you that,very important is push notification send to user but still we are unable to use onsignal extension ,Paid version is available but we need free version as per before,please do the needful.


yes you is right

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OneSignal fix This extension not working in 2023

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welcome… yes, we know that, as it has been explained here [Discontinued] OneSignal Fix Extension - #125 by Sumit1334


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yes tested just now and the apk is not installing with the “onesignal fix” extension on Android 13 and above. but for lower versions its ok

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