[Discontinued] OneSignal Fix Extension

OnesignalFix extension only fix the SDK issues so that Onesignal could work in your apps. If you are facing some issues such as Notification not receiving in background, Notification sent failed. Then I would like you tell you all that It isn’t the extension issue. You might consider your onesignal first as I already posted a lot of times that this extension only insert some library in app to make onesignal work if you still face issues then check your onesignal once.
Onesignal does not work in companion because App ID property has some issue in companion hence all it’s API blocks that require App ID, none of them will work in companion. So make sure to send the notification in APK instead of companion. Just a suggestion :- You should not use rest API key in client side as also recommended by Onesignal.

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I am trying in the apk, not companion.

The rest api key is used only in the app of the admin, not in the main app.

Ok then :smiling_face_with_tear:
I bought your Firebase Cloud Message extension a few months ago too, but I had problems using it, then you launched this fix extension and it worked well for me so I gave up that extension. But now I will try it again.

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Onesignal is again not working. Can anyone please help. I have used onesignal fix also but no results.

onesignal isn’t working since months and months ago.

With this extension you can make it work (it is working fine in some apps of mine), but since some days ago it is not possible to send notifications from inside the app using onesignal component + this extension.
But if you just want the users to get notifications that you send using onesignal webiste it can be done.

I just tested. Seems to be working as it should be. I have tested using two extensions and the kodular component together to get this work done.

  1. OneSignal Extension by @Jerin_Jacob
  2. OneSignal Fix by @iamwsumit
  3. The inbuilt Push Notification component by Kodular

Testing environments:
*Android OS : 8.1
*Segments: Send to All and Using ID (Send push to specific user)
*Send with in app? - Yes, successfully sent.
*Send from OneSignal website? -Yes, successfully sent.

Test Results

From Website and/or Admin App

With in the App


Hi, I am using this one signal fix extension. But even after i couldn’t able to sent push notification. I set the push notification subscription block to true on app initialization. But it is not working. Is there a solution for this?

OneSignal Fix v1.4.0

This is a bugfix for current extension.

What’s Fixed (Bugs)

  • Extension was not working with Firebase Store is now fixed.

  • Extension is now migrated for working in SDK 31.

Update Extension

You can download the extension from the first post.

Thanks You
Sumit :wink:


dont work site

Could you please try again? It is fixed now. If you still see this then please try in a different browser.
Thank you.

Push Notification Notice

Hello everyone, I have a news regarding Kodular push notification component. Since from a lot of time onesignal push notification was not working and this extension(OnesignalFix) allows you to use onesignal in your apps. However, after targeting the SDK 31 manually in your apps, the Onesignal would not work or will crash whenever you send notifications due to some Android notification changes in SDK 31.
There is a topic posted regarding the same issue here.

This extension will be useless for apps that target SDK 31. This extension will be working continuously for those apps that target API 30 and this extension is dicontinued now Kodular will be required to update the Onesignal Library to the latest version for SDK 31. Maybe Kodular is already aware about this and fix this issue in its next update or if not then I would like to notify staff about this issue.

If you want to discuss about this issue and its solution then please contact me. I will try to find a solution for it as I really don’t think kodular will fix this issue.

Thank you.


@Diego @Vishwas @pavi2410
Please fix it before forcing us to update. Give some attention towards your users.

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Man, this is really sad. This is one of the most important extensions created for this builder. Now probably we will not be able to use push notifications anymore, or at least in the next months.

There is about a year since push component stopped working so it is very unlikely that the staff will correct it soon, specially with so many others important things to do.
But anyway, thank you very much for your great contribution. I can’t imagine how what I would do if I wasn’t able to use push notifications this whole time.


I check this extension with new update. It is working.
Can anyone check this?

Edit: Unable to install it on Android 12

@Diego @Vishwas @pavi2410
This extension is not working. Tagged you guys around 14 days ago.
You guys should have known this anyway.

Do guys have any responsibility towards your paid users?
You guys do not fix this so that you can earn more in commission.

This extension kept working for 10 months. As owners (Founder, Co-Founders) you had 10 months minimum to fix but still you did not.
I’m paying you whether amount you set for Premium & Commission. In return, i’m expecting that one day you will fix it but you simply do not.
I’m fulfilling my obligations, & when you charge people for same then they also expect you to fix issues.

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[Discontinued] Onesignal Fix v1.5.0

Since older extension has stopped working completely for android 12 after targeting SDK 31 added with the recent update of Kodular. Receiving notifications is now impossible in devices > Android 11 with Onesignal even if you uses this extension.

With this version, you will be able to :

  • Receive notifications in all devices < Android 12
  • Solve the parsing package error
  • More stability with Firebase components

This version of the extension is sponsored (No permission to mention his identity). This version is not fully free or paid. This extension has to be sponsored for 100$ (decided by the first and original sponsor of the extension). When the whole amount will be collected, I will make the version available to all here. If you donate 5$ or more then you will be able to get the extension before the time of full collection.

I will update the amount details everyday here.

New Fix

There is a new extension on which I am working to make notification possible in android 12 and above. That extension will be fully paid for all. The price will be deducted for the sponsors of this version by the amount that they donate. For ex, if you donate 5USD then you can buy the new fix in (original price - 5 USD).

I would like to listen from Kodular staff about this issue, they were aware of this issue for more than 1 year but still they did not do anything and they even introduced premium nyc !.

I will update you all about the new fix extension after the collection of full amount for this version


Paypal : PayPal.Me
UPI : sumit1334.famc@idfcbank

Any amounts are acceptable, you will be required to donate atleast 5$ or 350₹ to get this update before the full collection.
If you want any other payment gateway details please PM me.

I will notify everyone once the amount is collected.

Thank you
Sumit :wink:


Amazing work Sumit, that seems fair. Looking forward to getting this. I will pm :+1:

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This extension is discontinued again, download links of this extension will be removed soon from everywhere. Now the sponsor of this extension closes too.

Latest solution for Onesignal :

Sponsor of this extension, please PM me for the latest extension.

Thank you