Unable to install it on Android 12, OneSignalFix extension

Unable to install apk on android 12.

Screenshot_20221009-103239_Package installer (1)


:google: This update is mandatory to avoid the Google Ad Manager progressive commission rate.

Requesting Kodular to not make it mandatory, because we are unable to install it on android 12.


Iam also facing this issue …

I think its only happening on Android 12

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Do you use any extension? Free or paid? Create a. Empty project without any extension and simply add some mathematical operation blocks then install. If it installs then the above problem is due to that extension

Empty apps working on Android 12.

I used this extension

That’s it… I think @iamwsumit can fix it.

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That extension is causing that issue . I removed that extension from the dashboard now i can install the app .

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Extension is not causing issue. Kodular did not try to fix it before pushing update is causing issue.

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But he discountinued that extension . Now we need to wait for a fix for One signal push notification component from the kodular team

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It seems that the OneSignalFix extension is not adding android:exported=true or false to all lines…

by adding android:exported="false" to the missing receiver and service, I was able to install app…


P.S. I can also mention that the Push Notifications component is not adding android:exported=true or false to all lines… @pavi2410


But the push notification (onesignal) is not working in android 12.

read this

PS: I will close this thread