Semi Working OneSignal Notifications

Hello there! :slight_smile:
I need help with this. Push notifications via one signal are working in my bluestacks emulator and in my LD player emulator and i can install the app. But when I am trying to instal it in my phone. I cant. I don’t have any copies of this app in my phone. And i get an error “App not installed as package appears to be invalid”. I removed the keys from the aia. but you can try with yours… i need it for a project and i don’t know why i get an error in my phone. Also, can i send a notification to other devices by my device? I mean, can i write something in this app and one signal send message to other devices(something like, I have my app -admin- and send notifications to other devices which have same app).

testdemoola (1).aia (262.2 KB)

The one signal fix extension is not supported anymore, see also


I dont unsterstand because I managed to send notification in my emulators. I just had a problem with my phone and install :confused:

try an Android 12 device or newer

Any other free method i can use for push notifications?

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