Android:exported issue while using OneSignalFix extension

Since this update is available I still can’t publish. I downloaded Kodular Compagnon 1.5B.2 to download the apk and convert to aab but on the console I am told that the application is not signed. In addition, when downloading directly from the kodular web platform, the console displays the following error message:

You imported an APK or Android App Bundle that has an activity, activity alias, service, or broadcast receiver with an intent filter, but the “android:exported” property is not set. This file cannot be installed on Android 12 or later. See Behavior changes: Apps targeting Android 12  |  Android Developers

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Use devzstore to rebuild apk it will fix all issue

Is it an app?

How can I have this?

Here is what I get

If you have a video that explains the process, it could help me.

Search the community what can be done like this

Always use the latest version of extensions …
List the extensions you used here to get more help


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ok i will try to update them

concerning the OneSignalFix extension see here


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