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Hi. This is the topic opened a lot of days ago. I dont understand why there is another topic.

Hi Koders,

It is show me last sdk is 29, I uploaded app to google console but rejected because this problem. Any idea? Why kodular removed sdk30?

Please Help

Your app is currently targeting API level 30, but it must target at least level 31 to ensure that it is based on the latest security and performance optimized APIs. You can change the API level your app targets to at least level 31. More information

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If you had read this topic you would know that AI2 has updated to API 31 and now it’s a case of waiting for Kodular to do likewise.

Hi @Kodular

The “november deadline” is approaching… any news about update release ?

Thanks for your answer.


I think the updater ran away, now there is nothing in their hands. :joy::rofl:

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Does anyone have any feedback on the matter?

Yes… Kodular targets SDK31 since a few weeks already, see also

If you still think it does not, then you should ask yourself, what is the difference between min sdk and target sdk?



Kodular why you are not providing feature to get API 31. We are facing problems in play console

Kodular targets SDK31 since a few weeks already, see my previous answer, and

what kind of problems are you facing? any screenshot?

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When is SDK 31 coming out thank you

Read my answer here


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Does anyone know when we have API 31??

Apps built on Kodular already target API 31. You’re waiting for something that is already been there from months ago!

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Does it work only on premium?

Not at all! This was a mandatory update, and works for all!

Note : Don’t be confused between Minimum API and the Target API. The API levels shown on Project Settings are intended to be the Minimum API levels, which determines, the lowest version of Android your app can run on.

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if it’s a solution to change the manifest, why isn’t a solution to edit via kodular implemented? a configured variable and when generating and assembling the apk (build) already go with this modified one. Is there no way to make an extension?

It is not possible to have a component or extension to modify the manifest, because during compile time it is already too late to modify the manifest. This has to be done before compiling.

There once was an extension generator which could generate an extension for your needs, however this work was discontinued and is not available anymore.

And concerning this thread, please read