Push Notifications only with firebase Console and NO onesignal it's possible?

Hi sorry for my question but I create a project with kodular and:
it’s possible send push notifications only with firebase console??? no onesignal but only with firebase console…I stop with my project in add “google-services.json”…i cannot add in my apk this file and I cannot update for this service…
please help me??
Thanks so much

You can send push notification with Firebase only but user will not receive notification when app will be closed.


and with one signal yes??? one signal is free?? how many push messages in one month??

With One Signal, you can send unlimited messages in free plan but subscribers will be 30k only. It means that if you have 50k users for your app, then only 30k users will be able to receive your notification (as per the pricing of OneSignal).
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thanks Golumaths100 :slight_smile:

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ok thanks…

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