Pushnotification subscription issue

i create project in firebase then the server key and sender id submit in onesignal i create the project in onesignal and also get the onesignal id , but i unable to send notification by onesignal. i tried from last 3days but i unable to solve it. please help me.

What issue it shows? Show your integration details for better understanding.

Have you read the guide??

Welcome to the community. After new release, push notifications do not work with new projects. If you had an old project in onesignal and your phone was in the subscribed users list it works fine else …

This was proposed as a temporarily solution, haven’t tested,don’t know if or how it works

I think Enhance.co cannot be the solution of this bug in the kodular platform. Because I have tried this in my app. Before my app was just of 7 MB and after integrating enhance.co in my app its size increased by 13 MB almost 6 MB increased. In this way we will lose thousands of downloads.
So I think kodular needs to find solution of this bug as soon as possible.

Background task is the best option but
difficult to use