Put internal audio/music on my application

I’m creating a quiz app in kodular. I want to put internal audio/music on my application. First, I want to create audio on/off button on my application home page with the audio image, if a user clicks button ON, the sound/music will turn on my entire application and if the user clicks button OFF, sound/music will turn off. The ON and OFF function should works on the same button. What should I do and how it works?? Please help me… I’ll show an example pic of this.

You should (better) show your blocks.

How can I use the blocks for adding audio on my entire application?

My application is a quiz of cars with brand logos, I made this quiz app on my phone itself, because Kodular works on both mobile and desktop (I don’t have a PC).

I didn’t used a blocks for adding sound/music.

The two images I showed earlier is from another quiz app (took screenshot and cropped) that had been published on playstore by another developer.

My phone is Huawei Honor 10, Android version running on my phone is 10