Putting a label inline with a textbox


How exactly can i get a label to be inline with a textbox, no matter what i try i can only seem to get the option to have the label above or below a textbox but not inline with the textbox.
Is there a special trick or something as i have been finding it impossible to do.
Thank you

The textbox have by default a under line.
Is this not what you wanted?

No i want to put the label and the text box on the same line

at the moment it is like this

Name :

I would like to put it like this

Name: Bertie

but it is proving impossible for me to add the label on the same line as the text box
Any ideas please.

How are you trying to do?
As I see it is just put the label and the textbox side to size using horizontal alignment
Show us how you are doing and may be we can help you with the problem

I am trying to do this tutorial, and i am using Horizontal alignment and vertical arangements as it says to in the video but i have found it impossible to put the label and text box in line no matter how hard i try and i have been trying for over an hour to do this one simple thing it is the definition of insanity.


Having a look at my structure i thin i had better just redo everything and try again.

You are using vertical alignment, not horizontal alignment.
If you pay attention you will not that label2 and text_box2 are not inside horizontal_arrangement1
Drag them both to horizontal_arrangemente1 and it will work

Edit: This kind of thing happens to me sometimes too. If it is something simple I use to delete he components and blocks and add start again. This way I don’t repeat these little mistakes again kk

Yes i have noted that i am trying to redo it from the start but i am still having hell adding the label and text box inline even with the nothing else but the horizontal layout.
This is really not easy, it has to be the hardest thing i have come across on this app builder so far.

Just do what I told you, man. Put the textbox and the label inside the horizontalarrangement. It is not inside the horizontal arrangement, that’s why it is not working.

If you do it and still don’t work show us a new screenshot.

I have told you i have tried that i have a Horizontal Arrangment nothing else i have been trying to add the label and text box into the same line but it still goes above or below the text box and again i am using a horizontal arrangement and it is showing up inside the horizontal layout.

It is still not that easy an i am still finding this extremely hard to do.


Ok I finally got it, There is a trick to it, it is not easy at all but i have finally got one to go inline only took me 90 min LOL as i say the hardest thing i have come across with this app builder so far has been this, but i can now do it and it is just practice to get to know how to do it better.
Even the video says “don’t laugh it is not easy”.

And what was the trick?
May be others have this same problem one day and your post may help these people

I do not know how to explain it, I will try.
ok so when adding a component there is a red dash box around the chosen component to show that it is selected.
when you add a layout, “horizontal” and then add a label and text box on the same horizontal line you will see that a blue highlight shows up where the component can be dropped. Even so, to get the component to sit inline and not above or below or outside of the horizontal box it is best done like this…

Add your horizontal arrangement to the screen. (width to parent) (hight to 30px or so for short strings)
Make sure the horizontal arrangement is selected with the red box around it and showing in the right hand setting menu.
Add a label, make sure the blue line is inside the red box of the horizontal arrangement.
Name your label to make it shorter, this help a lot in adding the text box.
Adding the text box, Make sure the Horizontal arrangement is selected and not the label.
when adding the text box the shorter the label the easier it will be to see the blue line that can be hidden behind the tex box, try and drop the text box on top of the label, this takes some finesse it is not easy.
It took me a long time to get it right.
The best tip… the shorter the label name the easier it is to add a text box on the same line. (still not that easy)
I really hope i have been able to explain this as best as i can, and that i helps someone.

Post Edit.

I seem to be having the same problem adding a horizontal layout to a vertical layout.
I have one Horizontal layout with 2 Vertical Layouts one Menu one UI both not visible
I then try to add a horizontal Layout to the UI vertical Layout and with that selected i try to add the Horizontal layout to the UI vertical layout but it always shows up as above the vertical layouts in the tree on the right.
I have been trying and failing to add the horizontal layout to the vertical UI layout.
I have a tutorial i am following and i have done exactly as they have done even slowing the video right down to make sure of where the mouse went and still I can not get the Horizontal layout to sit in the Vertical UI layout.
Very confusing and not easy.