Python-like Dictionary

Is it possible to introduce dictionaries (like in Python) for the Makeroid :makeroid: reborn?
Dictionaries are lists, but each item is related to a string, instead of a number.

This will be a great function!!

List with 2 lists inside? So list in a list, we donr need need dictionaries.

I know it’s not a priority, but we could also use some vertical arrangements inside a horizontal arrangement to make a table arrangement, but table arrangement helps make this process faster, what it’s the same with dictionaries.

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Dictionaries in Python are: {index1:element1, index2:element2, ...}

Isn’t there a pair lookup block?

That is an array :sweat_smile:

And they are not Python exclusive, also in PHP exists but under the name of Array

You can just create two lists (one for the index and the other for the contents) and check in them


  1. I know it’s an array, LOL. I learnt the hard way that unlike all text languages, Blockly starts off arrays with index 1.
  2. I know; You should probably tag the original poster. :sweat_smile:
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