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Qone Malayalam(India) Quiz App

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Qone Is a Malayalam Quiz App mainly focusing on PSC,School Quizzes and Other competitive exams.Qone ;You can select Select different Topics For Your Quiz And can also Play Topics separately.
PSC Trolls

There Will Be 6 Lives For you.Each Wrong Question one Life will be reduced. For each correct Answer +2 Marks.You will get additional Lives for correct question.And also there is an option to know more about the answer using Wikepedia.
You can share scores to Global list.There will be ranking based on the score.

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Hello @Don_Njondanmakal

Nice app. Really I have seen such app with correct animation, color and design after a long time…

But after a short use of app, I found some bugs which are as listed below

  1. Privacy Policy

As seen above the text color of the text is not proper and so the text is not visible even though it’s present.

  1. Search text color

Search text color and the background color are white. So the search text is not visible

  1. Wikipedia text

As shown above the text is getting trimmed sometimes

  1. Share button

As shown here nothing happens on clicking share button

  1. Email text box

What’s the use of multiline text-box for email field??

  1. Apart from above bugs the thing which I didn’t liked as a normal user is the placement of ads in the places like Wikipedia links, ‘Another one’ button in Q Troll section, etc. There may be more but I have not checked the app in detail
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hai broo njanum malayali annu

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Thanks For Your Response And I will check.While iam testing app All are right (.Share button ,Privacy POlicy,Search etc)

Don’t create multiple accounts . @Peter Can you do something here?

That’s why I provided screenshot and screenrecordings. Check again may be it’s a device specific issue.

What Brooo

you posted with an account an answering with another account .

Can you tell which extensions you have used in this app?

it notifier background color varies in different devicces

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Sorry For The Late Reply Brooo…


one thing please… how u use gradient color for labels

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Check this :-

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