QR Code Generator Crashes on My Device 8.1 Oreo

After I create a simple QR Generator, when I try to generate text to QR Code, the app just froze.

I’m using custom Rom 8.1 Oreo. Even the app of other user(makeroid) that generate QR code is not working on my device.

Burgerz.aia (2.1 KB)

Can u show screenshot with error that comes in android too? On my device it’s working perfectly.

My Device

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Maybe this is a device problem. Not releated with us.

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Custom ROMs are edited/modified Android systems. So maybe that’s why your app crashes. Try with another device or/and ROM.
…or send your APK to us. So we can test it.


Which one? I’m on AOSP Extended 5.8, and QR codes work fine.

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Hi. It just freeze the app. The cursor any my keyboard will froze. here is my device info

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