Qr code isn't Generated Offline

I created an app that generates a QR code for an input text…

Does the QR code component generates the QR code offline or must be connected to the internet?

If connection isn’t a must so why it isn’t shown?

So can you please explain what actually you want… because your questions & topic is not related with each other… so please ask your question properly @drpeterramsis2007

Internet Connection required to generate QR Code.

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There’s javascript files which generate qr-code offline. Find those in Google and implement them in a webviewer.


qr.aia (43.9 KB)

you can try it yourself before asking questions

We can have an offline QR generator. I will try to add it for the next release


This works

But adding it will be excellent

I have a simple idea

My app needs to display very large text

I am thinking of splitting it into several texts and converting it into a barcode

Can you do this capture tool?

This means that you shoot multiple times without leaving the camera

Do you mean capture multiple barcodes in a same camera session?

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Of course

You understand me already

For those who want to generate QR codes offline, please use this great extension by @vknow360

And as for this

I am deferring its development.