Qr code scanner and generator help

this is my block for scanning
blocks (1)

this is for generating qr code

i need help to add some features like

for scanner

after the scan is complete

  • if QR code is contact it will create a new contact in our mobile
  • if QR code is email it will save or send email
  • if QR code is the message it will send a message
    same for URL, text, mobile number

for generator

I need to produce the Following QR CODES -

Contact vcard
web site url
Company Profile
Phone Number

You will have to create a list of possible email suffixes, which include @gmail.com, @hotmail.com or anything else. Of course, you can add more and more suffixes.

In AI2, sample blocks are shown below.

Fill in your email screen name in the text block.

Use this contact saver extension: ContactsSaver: Add contacts without using activity starter - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community