Qr : Read and Create Bar Code offline

no , i just want to decode the qr code .

and yesterday i tried my test apk and it worked with out any problems

Actually there are some dependencies (even I don’t know) which are not available in Zxing class and somehow available in barcode scanner component so sometimes it crashes app when there is no barcode scanner component.
Try using that…

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i will try now and tell you , thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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@vknow360 yes it’s working now , thank you my friend . :innocent: :blush:

It’s my pleasure and work to answer questions related to my extensions :smile:

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@vknow360 but do you know ? :sweat_smile:

I still can’t find a solution to my other problem :sweat_smile:

Sorry but I am thinking about that…next update will replace that feature :+1:

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thank you , i’m realمy waiting for this great extension :blush:

as workaround you can copy the image to the internal sdcrd and read the qr code from there

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Is there any way that "when the user chooses an image via an image picker, it is automatically copied to the main memory and then the path is imported into the qr decode extension?


but what about using the file component or the file extension to copy?


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i will try this

Hi @Nader_El-Sayed
After reading this:

I am totally confused between main memory and external storage(sd card).
Can you solve my confusion?

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@vknow360 The main memory is the memory integrated with the phone and its path in my phone (/storage/emulated/0)

sd card is the card that is placed in the phone to increase the space and its path in my phone (/storage/D08E-901D)

and this is a test by taifun file extension >>>>


@vknow360 The problem is that when using your extension, the extension adds an automatic path (/storage/emulated/0) to any other path that the user enters in any way …

One more question…
Where is qr generated with extension?
In phone memory or external storage.

No need to generate one by your extension , I downloaded one from the internet and tried it on both paths … In the main memory it worked properly … As for the sd card it did not work because of the path @vknow360

ChangeLog Version 2

Changes/Bug Fixes

  • Replaced relative filePath with abstract filePath in DecodeQrCode and DecodeBarCode methods.But both Generate methods still use relative filePath.

Thanks to @Nader_El-Sayed and @Taifun


you are welcome , thank you my friend @vknow360

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java error appears when scanning qr. THE SCANNER DOESN’T WORK!