Qr : Read and Create Bar Code offline


Recently there were some topics about generating qr code offline and storing on device and thus I got idea to create Qr extension.
It basically creates and reads qr and bar codes offline from file.

Latest Version: 3
Released: 2020-03-20T18:30:00Z
Last Updated: 2020-05-20T18:30:00Z




Just 3 methods and 1 event block


A short documentation for the extension…

  • Bar Code Decoded
    Event raised after decoding bar code with result
    component_event (20)
    result ~ text
  • Bar Code Generated
    Event raised after GenerateBarCode method with response and filepath.If any error occurred during encoding then filePath value will be empty.
    component_event (21)
    response ~ text
    filePath ~ text
  • Barcode Formats
    Returns a list of barcode formats which can be either encoded or decoded.Some formats can be encoded and decoded both like QR_CODE and CODE_39.
    component_method (36)
    **Returns : List< String >
  • Decode Bar Code
    Tries to decode barcode from file from given path.
    component_method (38)
    filePath ~ text
    barFormat ~ text
  • Generate Bar Code
    Generates barcode to given path with provided hints.
    component_method (39)
    text ~ text
    filePath ~ text
    height ~ int
    width ~ int
    fileFormat ~ text
    barFormat ~ text
    charset ~ text
    margin ~ int
    bgColor ~ int (Color)
    barColor ~ int (Color)


Aix File

Download Link1: com.sunny.qr.aix (13.0 KB)
Download Link2: Qr.aix - Google Drive

Aia file

Download Link1: Qr.aia (32.6 KB)
Download Link2: Qr.aia - Google Drive

Apk file

Download Link1: Qr.apk (5.5 MB)
Download Link2: Qr.apk - Google Drive


A lot of thanks to @Kodular for this awesome platform…:heart_eyes:

6.Known bugs

  • Unfortunately extension is unable to work without having Barcode Scanner component dependencies so you will have to put a barcode scanner component besides this extension

7.Liked My Work/Support Me

Thank you for your love :heart:
As I have already said that my all (sometimes basic) extensions will be always free and I have no method to take donations so sadly you can’t support me directly.
Wait…but you can support me by downloading above files from these shortened links:

Download Aix: http://raboninco.com/21784285/qr-aix
Download Aia: http://raboninco.com/21784285/qr-aia
Download Apk: http://raboninco.com/21784285/qr-apk

8.Updates/Bug Fixes

ChangeLog Version2

Bug Fixes/Changes

  • Replaced relative filePath with abstract filePath in DecodeQrCode and DecodeBarCode methods.But both Generate methods still use relative filePath.
ChangeLog Version3

New methods

  • Added BarcodeFormats method


  • Removed some Qr related methods and events.Now you can generate qr using GenerateBarCode method by using QR_CODE as barFormat.
  • Now it will automatically ask for Read and Write permissions if they are not granted/disabled.


This is called creative works


Fine job. Thank you.

Do you know any litterature about the exact algorithm converting text to QR code and v.v? (not mean sites or programs which convert input text).
I know the pattern for one-dimensioned bar code (EAN-13). If you could suggest something about QR code it would help me.


Awesome work…can u provide test aia?


Read complete post aia is available


Ohh yes. I was confused due to the download titles. In both titles there is…Aix

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After generating apk file with your aia and tried in Redmi note 5 pro, The app is crashes immediately…

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Hi @The_K_Studio
It has been fixed and you can test it now.

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Your welcome.

Do you mean manual conversion?

I mean the mathematical pattern of how the position of little squares in the image are transformed to text and vv.
Like in EAN-13 bar code, the set of numbers are evaluated are trace vertical bars of a certain width, separated by blanks of a specified width.

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Sorry…I have not so much deep knowledge :worried:
But this can be useful:


I was aware of it. It seems that algorithm of QR is much complicated than EAN-13. I didn’t manage to find any information more.
Anyway, thanks for your interest.

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I have granted permission…but

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It is working for me…

Which android version are you using?

Android 9, Redmi Note 5 Pro

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Can you try it on another device?

Same problem. Tried in Android 8

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Something is not right with the permission as I get the same error however, adding ask for permission block make it works



Does anyone know how to use the external QR method? since the phone camera is not fast enough as the external reader.

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Thank you @Boban
I will try to fix it as soon as possible :heart_eyes: