Qr : Read and Create Bar Code offline

That’s quite old version.
Update to latest version.

Ok, ill try… thank you

I’ve updated to the latest extension, but the QR Code still doesn’t appear

the notification “QR Code Generate Successfully” appears, but the QR Code does not appear

Similar problem here:

Probably you can prefix file:// before the file path after getting file path.

Same result with this method

Strange, it is working here:

Can you try loading that file in WebViewer?

I think the problem is not in the load picture method, but in generating the QR Code. Because after I generate it, a QR.png file appears in the gallery with an empty image

Maybe possible.
Can you post the newer APK then?

This is the apk

cobaQR.apk (5.6 MB)

Yeah I can confirm the issue is somewhere.

Maybe any solution?

Before updating to fenix, I used this extension, and it worked normally. But today I compile using fenix, it doesn’t work. It’s not only this extension that doesn’t work, but the QR Scanner (not the default scanner) can’t work either.

Can’t think of any without checking logs.

I shall check tomorrow.

Okay. Thank you in advance :wink:

This app doesn’t generate qr code.
But other test app is constantly keeps crashing, with barcode scanner component.


E/AndroidRuntime( 2902): Process: com.sunny.qr, PID: 2902

E/AndroidRuntime( 2902): java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: No static field DATA_MATRIX_SHAPE of type Lcom/google/zxing/EncodeHintType; in class Lcom/google/zxing/EncodeHintType; or its superclasses (declaration of 'com.google.zxing.EncodeHintType' appears in /data/app/com.sunny.qr-1/base.apk)

E/AndroidRuntime( 2902): 	at com.sunny.qr.Qr.Writer(Unknown Source)

E/AndroidRuntime( 2902): 	at com.sunny.qr.Qr$3.run(Unknown Source)

E/AndroidRuntime( 2902): 	at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:818)

W/ActivityManager(  505):   Force finishing activity 1 com.sunny.qr/io.kodular.vknow360.Qr.Screen1

Extension does have that class and class does have that field.

Check this apk:
Qr-1.apk (5.5 MB)

There was a mistake from my side that I uploaded wrong aix in repo.Fixed now. :+1:

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Thank you @vknow360
i have downloaded the latest version from github, after that it doesn’t compile, but when I remove the extension, the compiler works. Is it not compatible with barcode scanners?

Yes it is not compatible with barcode scanner component.

Thank you. I hope the kodular team fix the fenix as soon as possible :smiley:

Actually no, if you are talking about component and extension conflict. Because both use same library, just extension uses a higher and latest version.
However, you can use ZxingScanView extension (the one without any lib) instead of Barcode Scanner component.

ok i will try tomorrow. Thank you for your help @vknow360 :grinning:

If you still have issues can i have the extension files you might need to recast them