QR reservation Help

Hi Kodular community!

I’m developing an app for a restaurant and I’m facing a challenge that might be simple for you, but as a Kodular beginner, it’s a major obstacle for me.

I’ve been working on the app for weeks and have successfully integrated the payment system. Now, what I need is to implement the QR reservation functionality.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The user pays for their reservation through the app.
  2. A unique QR code is generated with the assigned table number.
  3. Upon arrival at the restaurant, the customer scans the generated QR code.
  4. Restaurant staff assign the table to the customer based on the QR code.
  5. The QR code is deleted once the reservation is used.

I’ve watched some tutorials and many mention integrating Airtable and a QR code generator. However, I don’t have enough experience to implement it correctly.

Can you help me?

I would greatly appreciate any type of assistance:

  • Ready-made blocks: If any of you have created blocks for this functionality, I would love to use them.
  • Detailed explanation: If there are no available blocks, a step-by-step explanation of the process would be invaluable to me.
  • Alternatives: If there is another simpler way to achieve the goal, I am open to suggestions.

I acknowledge that my experience in Kodular is limited, but I am highly motivated to learn and complete this project.

Thank you very much for your time and collaboration!