QRPro - QR Code Scanner And Generator

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QRPro - Advance QR Code Scanner & Generator

Description of App

With This App, You can easily create or scan QR Codes.
“History Section” allows you to see what are the things you’ve scanned.
You Can easily Generate QR Codes By Just entering What You Want.
There Are Much More Options
You can Check That Out…


Download Link Click Here

AIA file : Will Update Soon (Maybe)

Update : Updated App v1.4

Changelog :

Added Ask For Permission To Scan QR Codes
Added custom package name ( Just forgot to change previously :sweat_smile:)
Fixed Lag



Good app with good ui happy koding

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@thealphagamer786, it is really nice. UI is so attractive. Very good.

Keep koding…
All the best.


ThankYou :grinning: :smile:

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Thanks :smile:

Nice App !! Great Work :+1: :+1:

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Thanks :grinning: :smile: