Query firebase even though app is no longer running

I have a chat room for 8 people using firebase, which shows the connected users and every time a new user enters the room a new TAG is added in the realtime database with the corresponding label (if it is user number 8 - - > user8: “name”), and a button to exit the room that updates the user8 TAG in firebase (user8: “”) … But the problem is when due to technical problems the application is closed involuntarily or any other problem such as loss of connection since in those cases the query would never be made to update the user8 TAG to empty … that is, the user8 TAG will continue to have the same value ‘name’ but that user will no longer be in the room and will not be able to enter another user instead …
How could I solve cases like that where I need to query firebase but the user can’t query it anymore because the app is not running?

Can you show your block so it will be more easy to help you

use clock timer component, if he is connected to network, make it available in firebase with your custom dialogues or letters, or what not…If he is not connected with network you can use the firebase clear tag

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