Question about AIRTABLE


I have a question about Airtable Blocks, in particular, this

When I use SET CELL, then, runs the Yellow Blocks → .GOT ALL ROWS, and then → .CELL CHANGED.
Runs both Yellow Blocks. Is this correct?? Is this working well?

I believed that .SET CELL goes to .CELL CHANGED only.

How works this blocks, please!!??

To prevent this from happening, I will use another SpreadSheets component with another name only to use GOT ALL ROWS. But i think that this is a Bug


This block will work in this way

Set cell - must be a number

Col name - col name must be used along with make a list

Value - this field must too be used along with make a list


Set cell - 5
Col name - make a list (col name)
Value - make a list (value)

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Thanks for your answer. I think I didn’t explain myself well. I know how the set cell Block works, what I don’t understand is why the yellow Got all rows and cell changed blocks are executed after executing Set cell.

Since you are adding new cell value, cell changed getting triggered but the get all rows depends upon where did you set it.

That’s the problem. When I use SET CELL it triggers CELL CHANGED and GET ALL ROWS.

I just use GET ALL ROWS at startup to load some photos into a flipper.

When I change one of the flipper images, I use SET CELL to save the cloudinary link in an Airtable Spreadsheet. But trigger SET CELL and GOT ALL ROWS

Else try index method.

Initialise one global variable with false

In screen init

Set this variable value to true and call all rows

When spreadsheet got all rows
If the global variable value = true
Then add the concern blocks + set this variable value to false

In set cell to use this variable value to false

And check up…

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Ok, Thanks!

Finaly, I used a new spreadsheet with a new name, only for the initial Get All Rows.

To use Set Cell I use other Spreadsheet with other name.

But a need to know if I am in a mistake or bad coding, or it’s a Bug🫣

Anyway, I keep your recommended method.

Thank you very much!!

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Thats too good move. Not sure about whether this is a bug or not. Inorder to confirm it as a bug, better you could share us your blocks

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Of couse!

Initialice Screen: Getting data from airtable:

Modifying Image from Flipper: (not flipper component, my own flipper :sweat_smile:)

When Press SAVE BUTTON (SELEC_FOTO_BOTON_GUARDAR), first, a save the picture en cloudinary, I get the url, and save the new URL in Airtable using SET CELL.

Then trigger GOT CELL and, i don’t why, trigger too GOT ALL ROWS.

NOW, works fine, like I said, to fix it or avoid “bug”, I had to create a new SpreadSheet component ONLY to use GET ALL ROWS at the begging, because If I use the same Spreadsheet component for SET CELL and GET ALL ROWS, it trigger both block.

This is what I don’t understand.

Thank you for your interest.