Question about canvas

Hello everyone
Can you help me to learn how to programme this block … What is the elements of this block ??
Can you help me ?

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It is always good to search the community before asking.


center X and center Y are the coordinates of the polygon’s center. If center X = 100 it means the polygon will be drawn 100 pixels to the right of the left border of the canvas. The same with center Y but from the top of the canvas.

num Sides is the amount of sides or faces your polygon will have. If you put a 3 there, then you will get a triangle, 4 for a square, 5 for a pentagon, etc.

The poly Radius parameter specifies how many pixels will be from the center of the polygon to any of the sides of it.

corner Radius is how much rounded the vertices will be. 0 means no rounding.

rotation is the angle or orientation in which the polygon should be. Try different values between 0 to 360 and see what happens.

fill can be TRUE or FALSE. If true, then the polygon will be filled. If false, only the lines on the sides will be visible.

clear Canvas can be TRUE or FALSE. If true, the canvas gets erased before drawing the polygon.