Question about colours

in the designer you can define the colors as HEX value with transparency.
In the blocks you can only choose between RGB values without transparency.

My problem, for example if I choose a transparent color as background in the designer and want to use it in the blocks, I have not found a solution yet

This has been asked before. Please search next time.

Here’s the solution:


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This isn’t a best solution, but you can try adding a for e.g. space on the screen through the designer, make the visibility = false, and put the background color to your liking.
Then, in the blocks do myCoolButton.background color = space1.background color

You can manage transparency by hex value as follows…

Suppose you want 0.5 opacity then add new list item to color list and put value to 0.5*255

For every opacity value from 0 to 1(Suppose x) put value of 4th item in color = x * 255…

That it…

Thanks for feedback :+1:
@Mateja solution is my favorit and work on first attempt :grinning:



Boban should you add make colour before split colour?

Since I know the colors number, why do you think I need that?

I thought you are going to split colour for no reason and I realized that you just want to show the RGB.

Btw, I have make an simple excel for it, OP you may check out:

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