Hex to Kodular colour code

After looking at this

I created a simple excel that could quickly convert HEX code to Kodular colour code

For Google sheets,

Make a copy to your account.

For Microsoft Excel:

Download it to your pc.
Why do you need this?
When you want to quickly convert hex to colour code.
For example:
Hex code
is equal to (ignore alpha)
For example

How to use:
Type your HEX code, click enter and the value in decimal and result will change.
Select the result box and copy to obtain your result.

Note 1: You can type directly in decimal box if you have the decimal value. Only change B4 to your number (for google sheet only: with quote)
(Rmb to change it back to B4 when you use HEX to convert.)

Note 2: Remember to remove “#” and the last two code in HEX code or else the result may be incorrect.
I don’t know if alpha also work.


It sounds Amazing i’ll try it when get free and thanks for this contribution :+1:

Thank you!

What achievement?

Creation of this excel sheet

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I updated the Microsoft excel from .xlsx to .xlsm. It can also convert to RGB and show the color

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