"Runtime Error" - Graphic Design Extension

When trying to use the extension, “graphic design”, to make a color gradient, this error appeared when installing and opening the apk.

Please :raised_hands:, someone help me?!

From what I can tell, it looks like the extension accepts only hex colour codes. I’m not entirely sure, though, and you may want to clarify with the extension developer.

To convert Kodular/App Inventor colours to hex strings, use the Colour Utilities component in Utilities.

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Thanks! I will test and warn if it works.

Hello! I tested what you said and found that it is almost that. Actually it does not accept colors in RGB, but it also does not accept in hexadecimal. It works only with kodular colors, which I don’t know what type it is. Just know that white is -1, light green is -1359, among others. But I don’t know what color format this is, and that kodular color converter won’t do that because it’s neither hexadecimal, decimal, nor RGB. Can you tell me what color format kodular uses?

Here is a colour chart:

I’m not entirely sure how conversion works. @Mika, @Conor can you shed some light on this?

Thanks :+1:

An easy way to find the colour codes you’re looking for is to connect the companion and use the “Do It” function on one of the colour blocks. It will create a comment with the code.
Screenshot 2019-12-24 at 8.56.39 PM


Firstly, you need to convert the HEX code to decimal (you can use an online converter for this).
I’m going to use the Yellow colour block as an example. The HEX code for that block is #FEEA3B when converted to decimal you get 16706107.
Now the conversion is -1((16^6) - <decimal>), so for this example it is -1((16^6) - 16706107), which gives you -71109 (you can tell this is correct because it’s the same result as using the “Do It” function as shown above).


Thank you! :v: :heart:

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