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Pixel Color - RGB Color

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:microscope: Descover
✓ App Inventor Color Chart

:paintbrush: Color Picker
✓ RGB: The amount of red, green and blue of the obtained color. This information is exactly as is. Values ​​range from 0 to 255.
✓ HEX: Amount of red, green and blue in hexadecimal. The colors are the same as in RGB but with the base 16. This could be useful for web design and similar situations.

:art: Colour Codes
✓ HEX color coding test is negative and white is -1
✓ Get result and use negative color code for writing schema eg “TextColor”: -6381922, -16777216…


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I thank the Kodular platform and extension developers who are making these amazing things.
And thanks to that I’m creating"
Pixel Color - RGB Color" thank you very much and have a good day Koders.


is it made with canvas??

yes i use canvas

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