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PickColor Extension

Introducing the PickColor Extension, a versatile tool designed to enhance your Android applications’ painting capabilities within the Kodular Creator. This extension empowers you to configure and manipulate Canvas components for creative and interactive painting experiences.

Note: Before using the extension, make sure to set up your Canvas component within MIT App Inventor for a seamless painting experience.


With the PickColor Extension, you can:

  • Set the Canvas Component: Configure the Canvas component used for painting.

  • Choose RGB Colors: Display a 5x20 color matrix picker dialog to select colors within a specified range and return the chosen color.

  • Zoom and Pan Canvas: Zoom in, zoom out, and pan the drawing canvas for more precise control and navigation.

  • Color Selection Event: Trigger an event when a color is selected from the color picker.

  • Color To RGB List (Version 2): Convert a color to an RGB list


The PickColor Extension provides a range of blocks to enhance your painting applications. Here are some key blocks:


You can download the PickColor Extension AIX file here:

Your support is greatly appreciated. If you find this extension valuable and wish to contribute to its development, you can make a donation here.

Example Project

Explore the capabilities of the PickColor Extension by downloading the example AIA file:
ArtPainter.aia (25.5 KB).

For questions or assistance, you can reach out on Telegram.

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Thank you for your contribution

The helper blocks also should follow the naming conventions, which is UpperCamelCase
CIRCLE → Circle
SQUARE → Square


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I removed these blocks. I will make the change.

I didn’t receive any donations but I decided to leave the extension free.

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Color To RGB List (Version 2): Convert a color to an RGB list