Question about firebase

Hello everyone; could you explain to me, how can i download a data base from firebase RealTime in Excel (.xlsx)

You could download in json format. See

OK; but how could I generate an excel file (.xlsx) using the information from the JSON file

I’m asking because I wanted to generate a BI with the information

Thanks for the help, but I tried using it and it didn’t work.
in a LABEL and NOTIFICATION, a number was returned

Post a screenshot of your blocks

Thank you for your help. those are the blocks. It doesn’t matter the format (txt or csv).

Try this and see if it works for you

FileSave_txt.aia (2.7 KB)

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It worked !!! thank you very much, but the information was repeated 4 times, and all the information was in the same cell in the csv file

apologies for the ignorance, I’m starting to use kodular

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First of all I ckecked and the information is not repeated 4 times. After you receive and save data where are you going to use it ?


Sorry, the information is not repeated, my bad. But the problem is that the information is mixed up in the csv (or txt) file. That’s why I asked for the excel file at the beginning of the post, because I wanted to manage the dates; like realtime firebase

I would recommend you put your dates in an sortable format: 2022-02-10
(When you get to March your current dates will be even further mixed up)
10-02-2022 10-03-2022 11-02-2022

sorry for the delay in responding, the data and dates shown above are fictitious, the order or formatting does not matter, what matters is how they will be viewed in the file (columns and tables)

do you know how i can do something like this? please