Question about MySQL


We are using MYSQL Database for an Android App, with over 100 000 Installs worldwide, and over 10 000 active users. Currently we are using the cheapest Basic Shared Hosting Server in Bluehost.

With Bluehost Basic Shared Hosting we get Max Concurrent MySQL - 150

But I have difficulties understanding how this thing works, and do we need to get VPS Server for unlimited Concurrent MySQL.

So lets take for example the following scenario:

There are 2 types of connections to the MySQL Database

  • Direct Connections - Staff & Developers login to MySQL Database for work

-Getting Requests from the database - Users, using the app are getting requests from the database.

So, at which scenario is the max concurrent MySQL applied?

1 . If I hire 151 Developers to work for me, 1 of them will experience connection error ?


  1. If 151 users are using the app (getting requests of the db at the same time) the 151th user will experience connection issues?

A help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank You

What is max connection limit - maximum number of TCP connections your server can handle at any one time . means at one time how much users can send request to your server let’s take an example

For example, if your visitor visits index.php, and it makes a database query to get some user details or any thing else means this is a 1 connection to your server.

And in a second if 150 users request the php request so your server easily handled it but it is hard to make any type of formula to predict how many connections would be open at a time.

If your hosting provider set 150 users limit that means your plan can handle only 150 users at a single time . If you want to increase this limit yoh have to upgrade your hosting.

And max connection depends on your active users . If you have 10k active users this means it handled easily because 150 users is rarely give a request to a single second . Don’t worry but it is good if your upgrade your plan as per your needs.

Just test your need by seeing logs in your server that how much time your server crash and why