Question about TaifunMath extension

@Taifun, This extension accepts inputs in radian. Can we convert to accept inputs in degrees. How…?

use the convert degrees to radians block



Yes, I know this block.
But what to do with maths expreisson, when we use taifun’s Maths extension?
Like I want to calculate,

using the mentioned extension with angles given in degree.
Please I need this seriously…
Thanks alot

Sorry, what you need is angled data entry and turning them Into radians ?

I am using Taifun’s Maths extension to evaluate maths expression. But in that extension receives inputs only in radian. I am unable to make the app able to get input in radians as well as in degrees.

Input with values ​​in degrees and radians, are they not part of mathematical formulas?
P.S.-I sent him a private message. We will continue in the private. :+1:

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thank you, I just moved this discussion to its own thread