Question about the community

I just have one question. What is the meaning of this community, why was it created?

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You’ve been a member here for 2.5 years and you don’t know it yet?
That’s strange. But if this is supposed to be some kind of criticism, you should be a little clearer.

I know what the goal was initially set. but I don’t see any help here. so the community is slowly dying. I request the moderators to delete all my accounts in this community.

Exactly, My Guide Has been Pending for Review for about 1-2 Weeks

Indeed :+1:
Community was in its golden period between 2019 and 21.
Users now doesn’t seem to take much interest in helping.

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Probably, the little interest of the community is the reflection of the kodular staff. The uncertainty of the project causes disinterest in users, mainly because it seems that the future of kodular is going to be very bleak.

There is no enthusiasm for generating apps, and there is no enthusiasm for helping others generate apps. If the project is in good health, enthusiasm and activity are generated and everyone is motivated. Not knowing if we will have an update, not knowing if Kodular will be diluted into App Inventor and not knowing where we are going leads us to apathy.

I think We need to Come Together to make the Community Interactive. Few People should Collaborate and Organise a Koding Competition with some Reward so we can Actually Engage users To Login Daily

Just today I was thinking about something like this, setting weekly challenges

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Yes, that’s actually what we should do to reactivate the community.

I actually pm’ed @Earn_Money_online
@Gaston PM me So we Can All Collaborate
@Yash_Agarwal also Is in Contact with me

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I’m also interested in organizing the contest