Question about the spinner component

Hello good evening: why is there no enable in a spinner? I use the values ​​as a parameter of an equation and when it is solved I would like to deactivate it until I decide since the value can be modified and the result would be incorrect. greetings and thanks

put a dummy text like loading working in spinner elements…on got values it"ll change in ur modified values…

2nd way… use dynamic labels put these label in hidden arrangemnt…and put a button which control that arrangemnt hide/visible…

hello thanks for answering. Your first suggestion I already used it on one of the eight spinners and it works, I wanted to avoid doing it. I want to suggest the change in the component. thanks and greetings

there is an-other option in notifier component…list picker…try it may b helpful for

thanks again, there is a lot of logic behind those eight spinners. I’m afraid to change components and the logic will be affected with the names in the change. I do not have much experience of course that I have the option to back up and try, thanks for the suggestion