{Question} Can i put chat in kodular?

Hello im creating app with sign up / login can i put chat group ? to chatting all of them people in app ? and can chat with others in private chat ? can kodular do that ?
Thank You

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Yes, You can make. Search in forum You can find many examples.

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I search : group chat aia but its not showing :frowning:


@Peter sorry for bothering u , i have a question /// can i put verified badge in app ? or its not possible ? and in chat group if i send message to showing for example : Official image ?

It is possible, why not

Just add a image in your user profile option or at any other place where you want to show the tick badge, get the value from the database you are using corresponding to that specific user, if the value is say, PAID, then set image.visible to true else set it to false

It would do the work


I search but no one creating app with group chat :frowning:

Read this link