[Question] Is there any way to protect from Auto Clicker?

Hi, I’d like to ask you ; Is there any way that i could check that user uses Auto Clicker?
Yes, I know that i could check package names for apps but there are lots of auto clickers.
Can You give me another Idea?

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welcome to community, i think you cant check. only a way that you have told,

Check for frequent regular clicks. No human can reliably click a button with millisecond precision.


I would try this:
Every time the button is clicked, compare the current milliseconds with the milliseconds recorded in the previous click. If there’s very little time in between them, it might be a clicker.
Also count how many clicks in a period of time, or if the time in between clicks is almost the same.


Thanks. I don’t know why i don’t get this idea before. Can you send me something like “blocks image” for better explaination ?

In this case, Button1 is the thing an autoclicker tries to click.
Clock1 fires every 200 ms, and if there’s more than 3 clicks, it hides the button.
Clock2 is disabled, and when the app thinks something fishy’s going on, it starts. When the first tick (5 seconds) goes off, it shows the button again.
And Clock3 makes sure the clicks aren’t at regular intervals. It’s disabled, and when the button get clicked, it starts ticking every 5ms. If the button was clicked at regular intervals, it hides the button.
I hope this helps you understand!