Question to REDIS database (CloudDB) experts

Hello experts,

I have installed my own Redis database on my RaspberryPi and connected the database via the CloudDb component.
It works great! :slight_smile:

My questions:

  1. A Redis instance has 16 databases (0-15)
    With the settings “Server” and “Port” of the CloudDB component I always end up on database 0. In some publications I have seen that you can specify the database using the port: e.g. 6379/2.
    But I cannot specify this in the CloudDB component.

Is there a way for Kodular to access the various databases of a Redis instance?

  1. Redis offers the key type: Sorted sets
    I understood that Redis automatically sorts the lists (players / points) here. You can use this as a great key for high scores?

Is there a way for Kodular to use this key type?

  1. There is also the List key type.

What is the difference if I save a list as a Value or use the KeyType List?

Can I even use the key type list via Kodular?