Questions about badges in the community

Hey there,

I would like to ask some questions about the badges on our community.

1. Autobiographer Badge


I’ve completed my profile, but haven’t gained this badge. Why?

2. Certified (Tutorial) Badge


Where can I find this tutorial? I want to gain this badge by completing the tutorial.

Thanks :smiley:.

You don’t have a profile picture…

Start the tutorial with @MakeBot via a PM.

Completely forgot that. Thanks!

What should I say to it?

Also the advanced tutorial, how can I do that too?

Send to @MakeBot @MakeBot start new user


Done this.

What can I do to start an licensed tutorial with it?

That’s for you to figure out. It’s a very similar way to the previous tutorial.

Already done it!

Thanks anyways, @Conor :slight_smile:

Invited 3 users, 1 accepted it. Still don’t have this badge. Anything wrong?


When did you invite them?

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Badge granted.