Questions Fill in the multiple blanks

Am i able to make a questions Fill in the multiple blanks in kodular like this dynamically ??

i tryed alot but i coudnt .

this is not a difficult taks… show us what have you tried

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This program is for a teacher to create a test so that if the teacher wants to add a question fill in the blank space, the teacher writes a text and then presses a button, and a Dinamc Text Box is created. but If the student’s phone width is less than the teacher’s phone display width, part of the text will not appear, in addition to not being able to create more than one line

Do not use default dynamic textbox, instead use dynamic comp extension… try with width %

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Great but the problem didn’t solved
All need horizontal and vertical arrangement together so when the horizontal arrangement end the component go to the other line automatically .

any one can make aix making you able to make textbox inside the lable such the qestion image dinamically and the text or inbox moves to the second line automatically