Questions with bluetooth

Hi guys. I’m trying to get my app to send text information to my media player’s screen, but I’m not getting it. I assembled and disassembled several blocks and did not come up with a solution.
Can anyone help me with tips, or any guide or document that explains how to work with bluetooth? When should I use the admin or the client or the server?

On the internet I’m just finding tutorials for Arduino but it’s not quite what I want.

probably my bluetooth chat example can help?


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@Taifun, Is there a way for my variable to receive the MAC address without having to choose from the list.picker event?

These are my blocks. Is not working.

how do you like to connect to the other device withput picking one?
is it always the same MAC address you like to connect to?
if yes, just use that address to connect…


My device always connects automatically to several different bluetooth devices. It depends on where I am. I would like to make a logic that the app would identify the MAC address that was being used at the moment, without the user having to choose, for example how it is done in spotfy.

just store the address in TinyDB after connecting the first time and if you find an address in TinyDB, then try to connect to that address rather than providing the listpicker

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Great idea. I will implement.

Only now something is happening that I didn’t realize. The app I’m building is not requesting bluetooth access. Even though I guarantee through “android.permission.BLUETOOTH”, when I go to check the list of permissions, the application appears with no requested permission. My device has API 19. What can it be?