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Hello Users,
I am trying to develop app which helps both teachers and students in this covid-19 pandemic.
As a part of app, this app will covers Quiz screen. So I search YouTube to create quiz screen with firebase then I found @walya_express free firebase quiz aia file.
But I found one error in this aia i.e., firebase didn’t load all questions.
If we store 20 questions in firebase then only 19 questions will be displayed in app, one last question is not display.
I wants to know if someone used this aia, please help me how can I solved this issue.


Check this…

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This might help you :

Dynamic question numbers - question number loads according to your need.

I know this and your app is awesome but I am unable to purchase your app aia.

Try asking @walya_express about it. He can help you as the aia belongs to him.

I have encountered the same error while making the chat app. So what I did was I copied the last message twice. :wink:

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I can help you, post blocks from your aia. I will tell you the changes.

I checked your aia.

You have to do Changes in following block:

Global total number is question number.

When global tag matches with global total number then it will show result.

As u say, problem is with number of questions then set your total question number in global total number.

Or just remove global total number and add 20.

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How can I fix it ?

Add 20…

I have already tried this, I set it to 11 and firebase Database has 11 questions but only only 10 questions was showed then I add global total number. But global total number value is already 11.

Then do this

Global total number + 1

I will try it

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Set your global total no. 21 … It will show 20 question.

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Same logic :sunglasses::joy:

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Oh yes… :laughing::sweat_smile:


Thank You all of you

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