Quiz App for Charity

Hi All, my name is Karman. I am in 10th Grade I Have created this quiz app for charity


So I want to sell this app now you will say what you said this is for charity? Yes it is, Look we all the war is going on in Ukraine and if I am not wrong there are more than 9 million refugees you can even check it out on google that is equal to 1/4 of Ukraine population and even 1/4 of these refugees are children.And I am so sorry to say that they are the worst sufferers of the war. It brings tears to my eyes that they are unable to fetch even the basic facilities. I myself was once a refugee when the corona broke out.So I can understand their pain Every day you wake up with hope that every thing will be fine and in night you have a thought of Suicide.Now I request the whole community to help Ukraine refugees

How can you help ?

Purchase this app at the amount which you prefer. I am not gonna earn a single penny out of this sale, I am gonna donate to the UNHCR.

My words
I give Kodular community my word that I am not gonna earn a single penny out of this.
And after a amount to â‚ą30,000/- or $376/- I am gonna provide this app for free. I know it sounds impossible but it is my dream

Amount: Whatever you like to donate
PM Me for the donation

Apk file:
LastWay.apk (8.6 MB)

Welldone for making app in kodular also we congratulate your interest showing on the people of Ukraine… Unfortunately Kodular will not accept or entertain such thing… I donot demotivate you…

If Kodular entertain then many people will start to do the same like which is not good for community … Right now many palces they are collecting money to help for Ukraine peoples so better you can help them with amount that you can contribute…

If i am correct, mods may delist this topic

I appreciate your effort :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thanks my friend for the suggestion Yes I am still donating it from side please tell me how to delist it I will delist it my self. I got your point you are really a nice guy

Dont mistake me and thanks for catching the point… And if you delete the first post, then auyomatically this topic will be delist from users

Actually when I am trying to delete it . It is saying that I don’t have permission to delete this topic

Then be wait… And let it go. Mods will take care of it

K, till then how is my app ui is it fine or should I have some changes in it

I don’t know about community rules but I salute you for just trying to be a good person

and I don’t think “UNHCR” is the best way to show support to anyone ever they have so many shady practices and a lot of the money doesn’t reach it’s destination.

Thanks my friend, Actually UNHCR is the only way to donate. becz rest organization are not trustable at all. And a heard that they are the only ones that are on the ground about rest I don’t know if you have some suggestions pls tell me actually I have also donated $10 till now to UNHCR

One thing you shuld do is give its aia for fre eand give them link to donate directly or tell them to donate by that way your post will be not flaged or deleted by mods

Kodular platform is not interested in political opinions, so it is better not to make an issue a central focus for the popularity of your app, although everyone knows who put himself in this problem is the one you are talking about.


Thanks my friend for your opinion. Now what I am thinking is that let the mods reply at this post and if you even want it for free pls just pm me I will give straight away :grinning:

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I know that, but war is not a solution peace talks are continuously going on. Look I will ask you how many mistakes were done by you in your life. Look don’t take it in a wrong way I my self do a 100+ mistakes daily and every body does. I know you favour Russia and I even I does but it is not a fault of civilians. Look I am gonna tell you a story I am a Sikh. Once upon a time there was war broke out between Aurangzeb( A emperor of India) and Guru Gobind Singh Ji our 10th Guru.On the day 1 at late evening the ground was full wit wounded and dead Soldiers. Then a Soldier name Bhai Kanhaiya Ji fetch the water to all the people wonded on the ground. Even their enemies. Some Sikh soldiers saw them and reported them to Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Then He called them in his court and asked them why he was doing this he replied that after the battle is over The I see God in every man even he is our enemy. By Killing them it creates hateness. But My Fetching just a cup of water it Kills Enmity

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