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Quizbazaar is one of the best Live Quiz App in India. Here you can play and win lots of gift vouchers daily. Download the app now and get Surprising Assured Paytm Cashback. We have lots of types of quizzes like kids quiz, technology quiz, Indian railway quiz, hindi wala quiz, bollywood quiz, Select correct spelling quiz, and weekly bonanza quiz. You can select your interested area and play & win lots of gift vouchers.

This Quiz helps to kids, parents, and teachers to make more smart and better decision making skill. Keep your general knowledge updated with us. This user-friendly quiz app helps to answer all questions and the questions asked in this quiz are the type of multiple choice question.

In this today’s era, Knowledge is very powerful tool and QuizBazaar helps to give you the knowledge. You can Play Any Quiz at Any Time with Quizbazaar. We are open for 24 Hours Now, so you can play any quiz without scheduling your time. You can Play this quiz in the car, on the metro or while waiting for the bus. This is the great opportunity to enhance your general knowledge by training brain with full of fun.

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Nice, but this is not how you present an app.
Post some screenshots, first.

Happy Birthday @QuizBazaar Welcome To Community. Plz Share Some Screenshots Of Your App

The UI looks amazing.

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Very good ui amazing professional app I like

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