QuizofIran - Travia Multiplayer Games + Mysql database + otp + wonderfull design (paid)

What is the name of your app?


Describe your app:

Travia Multiplayer Games + Mysql database + otp + wonderfull design


App Store/Download link:

apk link :

IranQuiz2_en.apk (8.7 MB)

for demo :
put a number Starting with 9
and lenght is 10
like :
and put the code : 2647

AIA file (Optional)

for aia contact me

$100 for an quiz app?! Probably the costly AIA on community! :astonished: Good work by the way!


yes because i make a lot of time on this project
also i used a lot of extentions for this :wink:

#Here sample database for Games , users , questions

So you are charging people more because you helped yourself with extensions?

OTP which extension You Use.

Sorry to flag please do not post your personal details on community

not extention . using web component + api +php

i fixed that

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this project i created about 7000 blocks coded . and u can order it without extentions if u want

Code is not receiving with default country code. Why I am unable to change the country code?

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Hi , this is just demo app only work with IRAN phone numbers

for test u can put the number start with 9
and the Code is 2647

after that u can order me for your own country or for all countires

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hi! iā€™m interest in your app, please contact me in pm :slight_smile:

How did you make such a design in (send)and (confirm) buttons