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UI is amazing .and also i have build quiz app with name quizer for my client …But my quiz app is quiz tournament app


How did you create Above Images?
Which website did you use to make screenshot images?

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The ui really looks nice

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I have designed these with PixelLab mobile application.
For more visit here : YouTube

No AIA files. Its my personal app.

Please give updated apk or playstore link

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your app is very nice can you please tel me how you handle screen size in different different mobiles

I too created quiz app but it looking different in MI4 and its looks different in one plus 7

could you please help me

Nice ui.

You can make a tutorial on how to make ui like this.

This will be very helpful to all community members.

Hello. Some things that i noticed. I use an OnePlus 6 phone and i can see that the quality of the background image is not so good in my phone. Also i can press one button without pressing the text. Finally you can hide the keyboard when you toggle the arrangement visibility so the user cannot type in a textbox that he cannot see.

See the video below.

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I found error in your app

Try Entering Phone Number Without country Code. i.e: 1126422405
I think then It may work.

Don’t work

I think only Indian phone number is allowed


Thanks for your comments.
I have a YouTube channel where i usually uploads stuffs like these.

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Superb UI…

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Sorry for that but currently this app is only indian users.
I will try make it for global use in future.

Thanks for your report.
I will fix it in the next update.