Radio button set Listpicker

Hi. My problem is the follow: I have 3 radio buttons to categorize books (kids, youth and adults) and I create one list (inserted at Listpicker that have name of books, description of books and a value to rent the selected book). So the problem is: it´s possible cheked one radio button (like kids) and click at Listpicker and the app show only the values for that radio button checked (selected)? One important information: at the start app, I load the list with names of books and this is the problem, because the Listpicker show the entire list (with all categories included). Thats it. I try to send an image to explain better. Thank´s.

You can set listpicker enabled to false when screen initialize and enable it only when a radio button is checked for example

Check this example aia and see how it works. Instead of list I use dictionary blocks

Radio_Buttons.aia (5.9 KB)