Random button in a list using listutil extension

hey guys. can u help me to solve this, i am using an extension, the current value variable is come from a database . thank you for helping me

Show your database structure

And tell us clearly by words, what is your expectation

i have a two table in database, the question with answer and the other table is choices the a and b,
Now i call the question,answer and the choices in a list . i already random the question.
I want to shuffle a button in a list with get the correct answer

Keep the questions , options and answers and all in same row. (I advise you to not to use two database)

Call the databse

Call randomly the a row from this data and show them in respective components

Very simple.

can u show me blocks example?

I am not in system

Anyway see this

i dont get it :thinking:

Give your sample aia, we will fix it

Hey man, can u help me to fix? Please

but your blocks (My SQL) doesnot gives me any result so unable to check or fix

Sorry man , I’m not in my laptop now but can u make a database your own base on my picture I send

i do not owe any sql databse… Sorry…

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