Random items to listview image and text

I want to add multiple items randomly to listview image and text, but I can’t find the logic, I found the ListUtils extension, but I’m learning myself and I have to create many blocks, it gives error but still works , I want to ask if my blocks can be shortened anymore and if that error can be fixed, thank you
this when web1 get respon

blocks to add 5 items

this alert

Some help .

  1. save response with split \n so you will use variable instead of the same block everytime
  2. with split block you get a list one element for each index
  3. totalrandom is a list and not a csv , are you sure the original file is a CSV? Why you used \n instead to save a table and get CSV format ?
    4)I don’t know if the format is correct, so verify if length of item is 3 . I think no, as error show you

If you use the right table format you can use list from CSV table to get a list of lists where each elements is a list of 3 elements

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But is the same list to split in 3 parts :rofl: